Dog Days 2023 - Rules


2023 Dog Days Tournament Rules  

Check-in – ALL Teams  

Rosters must be completed by 12 a.m. on July 26, 2023. Players will not be added after that time and date. The team representative must check-in all players at least 60 min prior to the teams 1st game at the  tournament tent on July 30, 2022. Team rep must collect all Drivers license/passcards and check in all  players at once. Late check ins will be handles when staff have time.  

Player ID for the Tournament  

Players must show a photo ID with the players picture, name and date of birth prior to each game.  NMSSA can produce passcards for players(upon request) if the player record in the tournament team  folder includes the players date of birth and a picture and is posted to their team folder no later than 9  a.m. on Tuesday July 26. The tournament staff will deliver the passcards requested to the team  manager prior to the first game during the checkin process. In the alternative, a player may use a  government issued document such as a drivers license. We need to see the actual document, not a  picture of it on a phone. We will attach a validation sticker for the tournemant and we’re not putting  it on a phone. We also will not accept the player showing us their picture on their social media  account. 


The tournament staff will bring rosters with the properly registered players for each game. Only the  players listed on the roster are eligible to play. The players on the roster will be those players listed on  the team roster at the deadline to add players to the roster and pay the $15 NMSSA fee,  if required, is 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 24, 2022.  


You are entitled to 21 players with unlimited guest players. All players must be born on 07/30/1982 or  prior to be eligible to play in the tournament.  

Appliances such as knee braces must be worn in such a way that they do not pose a threat of injury to  other players.  

Casts will be allowed at the discretion of the referee. Jewelry must be removed prior to play.  Uniforms  

All players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, must wear a jersey of the same color. All numbers  must be permanently affixed to the jersey, taped on numbers will not be accepted. The jerseys do not  have to be of the same style. No two players of one team may wear the same number.  

In the event jersey colors clash, the home team, as identified in the bracket detail, must change jerseys.  If you don’t have alternate jerseys you need to come to the tournament staff to pickup pinnies. If you  don’t pick them up by game time, your team forfeits the game. Pennies must be returned after game, if  pennies are not returned, your team forfeits the next game. 

Game time and format  

Game time is when the game is supposed to start. If the teams are not ready at game time, the referee  will advise both captains that the game will be shortened by an equal amount for each half.  

All games will be played with free substitution rules. Substitutes shall only be made with the permission  of the referee and must be made at the center of the field. No substitutions shall be allowed during the  taking of kicks from penalty mark in tiebreakers.  

Tie games in qualifying round games shall stand with no extra time played.  

All games, will play two (2) thirty (30) minute halves.  

All semi-final and first place games will be played to a winner. Tie games will play two (2) five (5) minute  extra time periods. (No golden goal). If still tied at the conclusion of both of the five (5) minute extra  time periods, the winner shall be determined based on FIFA Kicks From the Penalty Mark method. All  third place and fifth place games that are tied at the end of regulation time will proceed immediately to  FIFA Kicks from the Penalty mark.  

Standings for qualifying round play shall be based on teams being awarded nine (9) points for a victory,  three (3) points for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. An additional bonus point shall be awarded a  team who holds their opponents to zero goals in a game (including scoreless tie games). Forfeits shall be  entered as a 3-0 score. At the end of qualifying round play, a winner and runner-up shall be determined  in each bracket in the following order:  

A. Greatest Points Total; if tied, then  

B. Head to head Result; if tied, then  

C. Greatest Goal difference (goals scored less goals allowed); if tied, then  

D. Least Goals Allowed.  

E. Least Cards (Yellow cards +1, Red cards +3)  

If the tie being broken is determine the order of teams who have already assured themselves of a place  in semifinal competition, the tie will be broken with a coin toss. If the tie being broken is to determine  whether a team will advance to the semifinal round, the tie will be broken by the tied teams employing  the FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark method.  

Three way or more ties will be broken first. The remaining teams will restart tie breaking procedures  from item A.  

Should the Semi-Final Games or the Championship Final games not be played due to weather conditions  that do not permit continuance of competition, these games may be declared canceled by the  Tournament Director after consolation with representative team coaches.  

Should cancellation occur, the "highest" remaining "seeded" team in the respective division will  automatically be declared the "Champion" and the "2nd highest seed" remaining as the "Runner-up".  

Ejections, cautions, etc. 

Ejections, fighting and referee assault will draw fines and suspensions as follows:  Referee assault (includes spitting) - $ 100 fine and a minimum one-year suspension  Referee abuse - $50 fine and remainder of tournament  

Fighting ejection - $ 50 fine and one year suspension from the tournament  

Ejection - $ 10 fine and one game suspension  

If a player is sent off from the final Dog Days game in which that player’s team participates, that player  shall be suspended from the next scheduled league or NMSSA game in which that player is eligible to  participate.  

Teams are responsible for the behavior of their coaches, fans and spectators. If games are suspended  due to the behavior of coaches, players or spectators, games will be forfeit by the offending team and  further sanctions may be imposed by NMSSA.  


There are no appeals.  

All situations not specifically dealt with in these rules will be resolved by the tournament staff. The  tournament is run by people who give up their opportunity to participate in the tournament in order to  insure that you and your team do get to participate. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a clean  and safe competition and to provide people an enjoyable experience. People, spectators, and teams  who seek to provide an experience other than a safe and clean competition will be asked to leave.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Complaints can most easily be dealt with by you helping to  run the tournament next year.  

To the extent an injustice is done, the tournament staff will seek a fair resolution to avoid such injustice.  Players who are red carded from a game have not, by definition, suffered an injustice. We provide  numerous opportunities for you to make a relatively small sphere land in an 8 by 24 foot opening  multiple times. If, in sixty (60) minutes, you cannot do that numerous times, it tends to dilute our  appreciation of your complaining and whining about the referees. In the spirit of fairness, we also ask  the referees to not complain about the players.